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Training and materials for all levels of service and operations.

Whether you are a fleet executive, service technician, sales employee or operator, Sinoboom is here to provide the training that fits your needs.

Maximize the value of your Sinoboom fleet by participating in one of our training programs.

Backed by over 100 years of North American industry knowledge, the Sinboom team is here to help.


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 QR Online Training System

Just one scan provides owners, operators, and technicians the ability to access the SInoboom Smart Ecosystem.


● Multiple access within one control hub operators:
● Equipment familiarization videos
● Visual aids for safe and efficient operation
● Operators, parts, and maintenance manuals
● Glovebox – fault codes, maintenance guides, and user settings
● Step-by-step guidance for common tasks
● Contact tech support
● Quick access to Sinoboom warranty portal
● Access to our Sinoboom parts store

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