The SINOBOOM Smart Interface

Apr 22, 2020

Take a look at SINOBOOM’s intelligent screens

With boom lift control systems, an efficient and user-friendly experience reflects the manufacturer’s design credentials. An intelligent interface is effectively the eyes and ears of the machine, making its operation intuitive for ordinary users without the need for complex specialist training. User-friendly communication provides timely machine status updates, quick failure diagnosis, avoiding a long wait for diagnostic professionals to arrive. As early as 2012, SINOBOOM took the industry lead in using a smart interface and, once launched, it’s gained wide approval from customers and MEWP operators.20

Operators of these MEWPs do not need specialized equipment or software to understand the machine status at any time, anywhere, and quickly diagnose and rectify faults. More troublesome faults can be easily handled by remote telephone or video guidance. After continuous upgrades and iteration, SINOBOOM’s smart screens are becoming bigger and more intelligent.

In the case of machine failure, the operator and service personnel can query via the screen, which provides clear indicators for the normal operation of the equipment, rapid diagnosis and repair of the failure. For field operators without specialist professional maintenance capabilities, this allows quick identification of simple faults which can be quickly rectified, greatly reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Smart Interface Advantages

SINOBOOM’s 7-inch smart screen has a friendly interface, rich information output and intelligent interaction. It is rugged with high-grade IP65 waterproofing, dust-proof and collision-proof, resistance to temperature extremes, and has a wide range of adaptability. The system is secure, protected by permission-rating management and intelligent dynamic password functionality to ensure information and equipment security.